Philip Walsh

Philip is a founder of Time Machine Capital, an investment company focused on accelerating and capturing IP around applied artificial intelligence technologies.

Previous to this Philip was the CEO of SimplexGTP, a small consulting firm in financial services which Philip transformed into a leading SaaS platform delivering highly innovative solutions to many of the world’s leading financial institutions. Simplex GTP also became a key SWIFT partner and provider of hosted SWIFT services. In 2013 he engineered the sale of the company for more than US$100m.

Additionally, Philip commercialised a nano-materials technology bringing the company out from R&D, to market licensing and ultimately to sale.

Philip's journey in technology began in the late 90s in London's financial markets, devising trading platforms for emerging instruments.

Joe Lyske

Joe Lyske is a polymath, accomplished in fields including artificial intelligence and film composition. As a qualified airline captain, his unique interdisciplinary knowledge of physics, sound, mathematics and programming facilitates the invention of solutions for problems that have been traditionally elusive. 

Joe’s PhD work addressed the meta-creation of film scores at Queen Mary, University of London, and involved work with the Digital World and Image Group at Georgia Tech.

David Summers

David is GM and Head of Design for Mashtraxx.  Previously, David was vice president of design strategy for Ammunition, the internationally acclaimed design and innovation studio behind Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Polaroid cameras, Barnes and Noble Nook eReaders, and many more iconic products. There, he led programs across entertainment and media technology, smartphones, fintech and iOT, resulting in dozens of successful product launches and awards, including the 2016 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for product design. 

Earlier, David worked at MetaDesign, where he led an array of programs for Kohler, Autodesk, Sony, and UBS. He led marketing and media technology for Netpulse, the first connected fitness touchscreen and Business Week’s 1999 New Product of the Year.

Nick Warden

Nick specialises in nurturing technology-rich companies through early stage development to sale. Nick managed Simplex GTP from a recovery situation in 2005 through to a successful transaction in 2013 with Bottomline Technologies Inc. In 2014, Nick merged Hatch Partnership, the accounting practice he founded 20 years earlier, with HCB Solicitors to form the largest mixed-discipline professional group in the UK. In 2014 he assisted the directors of Aerotech Design Consultants Ltd, a significant independent aerospace business, through a testing insolvent period through to disposal to the Arlington Group.

Nick brings particular expertise to the challenging area of strategy and valuation of intangible assets and is a founding shareholder in Time Machine Capital.