Sport Performance Technology

AiPEX is based on patent-pending artificial intelligence which has the ability to see and hear spaces to create highly accurate data around sports performance. The first application for AiPEX is in the tennis marketplace where our prototype has shown it out-performs the leaders in this space.



Goggle-mounted heads-up display for swimmers.

SwimAR uses a cutting edge holographic display to project real-time data underwater in the swimmer's field of view. Sensor data within the product is accurately interpreted using artificial intelligence to provide accurate feedback on lap times, pace over 100m, stroke rate and distance. 



Market and liquidity insights

By simulating highly complex real-world business situations, corporate and financial leaders better understand market scenarios to reduce costs, ensure compliance and better deploy resources and capital.



Maxtraxx is a system for editing music tracks to satisfy dynamic briefs. The tracks can be generated by applications that will sync music to videos for YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Vine and Instagram. Video games can use Mashtraxx to dynamically edit users’ music collections as they play, adapting the music to the mood and pace of the game.

The mashtraxx system offers a new level of depth for meta tagging of content. Each phrase of every song that is put into the Mashtraxx format contains information on mood and emotional connotations. These phrases also contain data about the important essence of a song, such as the hooks, riffs, features and where compositional sections such as the verses and choruses are.

Mashtraxx automates the process of editing licensed music tracks to follow a story (film, game, TV show, advert). Mashtraxx automates both the licensing component, and the creative editing. This means that Mashtraxx has the ability to create a new B to C market for music synchronisation, which until now has not been possible.
Mashtraxx presents a new form of digital exploitation by creating a new market for the syncing of music. For the first time in history, Mashtraxx gives a method of creating a B to C mechanism. Users who are uploading videos and playing games can use their music collections to sonify their experience.